Dropout Rates and Lower Wages and Employment of Type 1 Diabetics

Did you know you as Diabetic (or your child) will make less money, drop out of school, and probably be unemployed compared to non-Diabetics? Lame, I know, but that’s what one study would like you to believe.

Today I ran across a story entitled “Study of the Day: Young Diabetics More Likely to Learn and Earn Less“. Reading through the article there is no mention of the type of diabetes they were including in the study. Well since we all know different types of diabetes are very different I went on a search for the answer. I found the email address for one of the researchers. I asked what type of diabetes they included in the study.

Here was his response “Our study was unable to determine whether the individuals were Type I or Type II–only that the individuals were told by a doctor or nurse that they have diabetes.”

A supposedly scientific study was done without bothering to separate or even understand who was being studied. Since they did not even bother to find out the type of diabetes the subject had I wonder how many gestational diabetics they included since they followed the subject sinto adulthood. This study is pseudoscience at best.