Needle injection system

Here is a device for getting insulin or other medications under the skin without the use of a needle. I do not know if this eliminates all the pain but the company has some studies that show it eliminates some of the pain.

According to their literature “Injex is virtually pain free. Most people who have switched from taking insulin with a needle find Injex less painful, reporting only a slight feeling of pressure against the skin.”

As with a regular syringe, you can mix different kinds of insulin. This could also be used to give other, regular vaccines if you have a cooperative doctor. Whether it would be less painful than a regular needle with Ethyl Chloride, EMLA, or ELA-MAX we do not know. No comparison studies have been done. For children and adults who are really needle phobic, it may be less traumatic than a needle even if it turns out it does hurt more.

To my knowledge, no one has tried using Ethyl Chloride or EMLA, or LHX with the Injex 30 system. It would be an interesting experiment to see if they would all work together to eliminate even more pain.

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